Please can you change the delivery address for my order?

The reason that we are not able to change the address is because we outsource the deliveries to a courier company and once the order is placed their tracking system does not allow for changes in address.

Please can I arrange for an earlier delivery or can I arrange a time for my order to be delivered?

All deliveries are outsourced to our courier company and their system does not allow for changes to be made after the order has been placed.

If there is no one at my home on a Thursday, is it possible for me to collect my order?

We are investigating a collections functions. When this option goes live the client will be able to select at the point of sale for their order to be collected. The client will then need to collect their order from our warehouse at Lyndhurst Place, corner of Johannesburg road and Dartford opposite MacDonald’s (Shop is next to the TV repair store). Collections will need to take place between 9:00am -15:00pm on the Friday of the week of your order.

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

Please can you send us an email to and a consultant will contact you to sort out the problem with your order.

What is the hechsher of the chickens?

The hechsher of the chickens sold by JLife are under the Johannesburg Beth Din

Are the chickens Mehadrin Commission

Our chickens are not Medharin commission but Mehadrin chickens are a product that we are looking to add to our online store in the future.

What do I do if I am having a problem with checking out my order?

The first thing to do is logout of the site and then go back and log in, this often resolves the problem and you should be able to check out your order. If this does not work, please email JLife at and a consultant will contact you to sort out the problem with your order.

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?

To remove the item from your shopping cart change the number of the particular item to zero and the system will update and remove it from your cart.

Once I have selected I-pay and my bank, I do not know what password to input?

The I-pay system redirects you to your particular bank so in order to access your bank account you will need to use your bank passwords and not the JLife site passwords.

Once I have made payment using I-pay my payment cancels?

Once you have submitted the payment the system will redirect you back to the Jlife website at which stage you will need to confirm the payment. The different banks have different ways of confirming the payment, so the options are that you will be given an OTP (One Time Password) to input, In app authorisation (log into you banks app on your cell phone to confirm) or there will be a pop up which will ask you to confirm the payment.

Only once you have confirmed the payment will the order be submitted. If the system times out, please go through the payment process again.