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The Money School is a South African-based financial education & training business that specializes in working with employers, or businesses, to educate their employees or customers in a scalable, cost-effective and life-changing process.

Key to our success is not only that we are independent – we don’t sell any financial services products to our learners – but also that we are genuinely passionate about uplifting, educating and growing the bottom line of everyone we work with.

We have a multi-channel delivery strategy that includes online and face-to-face training in both English and Zulu. And we’re also proud of our partnership with Boston City Campus and Business College where together we deploy this kind of financial education across 46 locations across South Africa.


The cost of living in the Jewish community has risen dramatically in the last few years. The consequential financial stress for families and individuals within our community has grown at a similar rate – negatively impacting marriages, families and general standards of living and affordability.

Understanding that this issue needed tackling on a number of fronts, JLife approached The Money School as a result of their proven track record in the financial education market, as well as their independence. The JLife team want to ensure that your financial education is targeted at improving your financial life and not aimed at trying to sell you something.


A 5-lesson online financial education course called Wealthy Ever After™. Retailing for R3,997  but available to the JLife community at R99 – this comprehensive course not only covers everything you need to know about getting rid of debt, growing wealth and how to practically manage your household spending on a monthly basis, it also includes direct access to our Money Coaches™ for anyone who’d like guidance during the course.


Wealthy Ever After™ is an aspirational course that has been developed for couples (and individuals) who:

  • Want the hard work and effort they put into making money to translate into simple-to-follow activities that get results
  • Are in a serious relationship or getting married and want to make sure they start right and have common goals to get excited about and importantly, achieve, together.
  • Would like to have a plan that takes in to account the costs associated with the Shabbos’s and Chags we all want to host and be involved in
  • Need to stop worrying about money and learn why the worst thing you can do to get rid of debt is to focus on getting out of debt
  • Would love to invest more money but never seem to be able to do it
  • Have been married for a long time and who want to re-energise their financial relationship at home and team up to chase the goals you set for yourselves when you first got married


Because managing money is meant to be an enabler in your life. It is meant to enrich you, provide for your lifestyle goals, create financial independence for you and your family and not make you dependent on a boss or your customers.

From nearly two decades of experience as Money Coaches™ we find that most people, regardless of what they earn, will never formerly learn about money and will innocently make financial decisions with all the best intentions and spend most of their time wondering how come as they earn more they have less money and more stress.

The solution is simple…wealthy people know stuff that others don’t. And you what? Most wealthy people started with nothing and typically are not very high earners in society. They do however want to be financially free and have taken the time and invested their energy into learning about money and how to manage it effectively together with their families.


Only 3-6% of South Africans will be able to enjoy a properly funded retirement after a life time of work. The reason for this? Most people believe their financial planner should somehow be able to miraculously give them a great retirement plan when they arrive with not much disposable income, too much debt and no money to invest. The solution to this problem is found by streamlining what you do from the time you earn your salary to meeting with your planner. Whether you own your own business or currently employed, your salary is the engine that drives your short and long term financial goals.

This is what our Money Coaches™ are experts at doing – helping you de-clutter your finances and by approaching your financial issues head on which the skill, knowledge and experience of seeing this play out for tens of thousands of confident Money School customers.

The average debt to income ratio of the average South African is 78%. If you have a credit card, a few store cards, a mortgage, car payments and an overdraft – and it feels like you are never moving forward financially… then you are normal. This is what most households look like.


For most of us we work and live at pace and it is not easy to allocate your money the time it deserves. This is why we believe your staff should ring-fence the time (and focus) to complete the Wealthy Ever After™ short course because it will probably be the first time in years that most of them will have given their finances real consideration. Trust us, the result will be well worth it.

Without giving you a whole schpiel about this, most employees are in a very difficult financial rut, and from experience they need this type of intervention just as badly as the people you are trying to assist, equip or simply lend a hand to. We look forward to hearing how this course has changed metrics within your organization, and the lives of the people within it. The only deal? They need to ensure they complete the program or it will a very negative impact on JLife as this benefit is not unlimited and comes at a cost that is being funded, and results and impact are expected.


If you would like to take advantage of providing this gift to individuals or families who engage in your services simply email moneyschool@jlife.co.za and request a meeting with Cindy Silberg to discuss how JLife can equip your organization with this game-changing benefit.

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