JLife is a nonprofit, community-based initiative that has been set-up with the intention of narrowing the gap between income and expenditure. 

JLife is putting together various initiatives to assist families within the community to tackle the un-affordability of Jewish living. These initiatives will be launched on the JLife website as they are rolled out.

Food Shop

Along with the growth of the religious Jewish community in Johannesburg, the demand for Kosher food has significantly increased. High food price inflation over the past 20 years have left their mark and over 50% of the local community are battling to come out each month.

With this in mind, a group of concerned volunteers have been working hard at putting together a solution that can deliver quality food to our community, conveniently and at significant discounts.

We are now pleased to open an online food delivery service.

The initiative is not-for-profit with just a small margin added onto products in order to cover whatever running costs arise behind the scenes (transport, storage, etc.).

We will be launching with kosher poultry, fruit and vegetables, but over time – this will expand to a wider range of kosher food and household items. As we identify products that we can offer at a significant discount – we will work on adding them to our product mix (for example, we are currently working on procuring toilet paper at a considerably discounted price).

How it works

Place your weekly order online from Sunday morning until Tuesday night at 18:00 which is the cut off for that week’s delivery. The store will be closed for orders until the following Sunday.

  • Payment is either by credit card or Instant EFT. If a credit card is used, the nominal credit card fee is passed on to the user.
  • Deliveries are restricted to certain areas. Please click on this map to see if your area is within our range.
  • A nominal delivery fee of R30 will be charged.
  • Deliveries will be made on Thursdays between 10:00 and 16:00.
  • Fruit and vegetables are of the highest available quality.
  • Please note that all sizing is approximate.
  • All chicken is under strict Kosher supervision by the Johannesburg Beth Din.


JLife is set up and operated by volunteers and we are committed to supplying the best available quality fruit, vegetables, other groceries and special offers. If it should happen that you receive items that are not to our quality standards, please communicate with us and we will either credit your account or deliver the same again on our next delivery at no charge.

If you are aware of suppliers of quality products at discounted prices that we could engage with to further assist the community – please let us know.

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